[olug] Floppy/cache

sdeel sdeel at cox.net
Thu Aug 22 04:44:13 UTC 2002

How do I get my floppy to reread the directory?  I had some files on a
couple of unmarked floppies.  I opened the first using mandrake/kde GUI
object on the desktop.  when I tried to get the second floppy's file names
to list I was stuck with what was already in memory.

So I went to the comand line cd'd to /mnt/floppy and did ls.  Same result
(At this point, I did not even have a flopy in the drive).  Stuck.

Tried 'eject -f /mnt/floppy' and got divice or resource busy message.

Tried 'umount floppy' and got floppy not mounted message.

I know it is dumb, but am not sure what to try next.

Sam Deel
Everybody's got to believe in something, I believe I'll have another beer...

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