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No, NDS (now called E-directory) is not just an implementation of LDAP.  It
is LDAP compliant, but it is far more advanced than just LDAP.

BTW, Novell sells a product that will allow you to run NDS on a Linux box
and use it to manage the accounts.  It's called Account management
(logically enough).


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 > Ultimate goal would be to be able to setup the rights to a directory
 > to a Novell NDS user.  I have apache authenticating to NDS through a
 > module but to do this with any other app, would I have to go trough
 > PAM and LDAP?  Is any of this making sense?  Are there options I
 > haven't considered?

Isn't Novell's NDS basically just LDAP?  If it is then pam_ldap will
work fine.

Be aware that if you have to worry about Samba NDS may not be an option.
  Or maybe the other way around :)

Is the brokenness on the Win2k box something that's easy to fix?

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