[olug] Update on Update options

Craig Wolf cjwolf at mpsomaha.org
Mon Aug 19 13:18:08 UTC 2002

On a semi positive note, the 2 people that were working the project were
able to accomplish this at the very last moment.  So I do appreciate the
help but it looks moot at this point.  Thanx for the help everyone!!

Craig Wolf
Linux Web Server Support
Desktop/Network Specialist
Support Services Center
Millard Public Schools

>>> phil at brutsche.us 08/19/02 08:03 AM >>>
Craig Wolf wrote:
 > Ok folks, looking for ideas here.
 > I have a Linux machine that will probably be taking over duties from
 > a botched Win2k transfer from a NetWare box of our District website.
 > I need a way, read very easy, for non-technical type teachers to
 > update specific pieces of a website.  We are talking about Windoz
 > machines and Macintoshes as well.  FTP is an option, smb is an
 > option, and appletalk is an option but I would like to be able to set
 > it up so that it is consistent across all platforms for updating.

It's hard to make it a consistent interface for all platforms.

Unless you have something like Microsoft's Web Folders on a Mac I would 
go with samba+netatalk.

 > Ultimate goal would be to be able to setup the rights to a directory
 > to a Novell NDS user.  I have apache authenticating to NDS through a
 > module but to do this with any other app, would I have to go trough
 > PAM and LDAP?  Is any of this making sense?  Are there options I
 > haven't considered?

Isn't Novell's NDS basically just LDAP?  If it is then pam_ldap will 
work fine.

Be aware that if you have to worry about Samba NDS may not be an option.

  Or maybe the other way around :)

Is the brokenness on the Win2k box something that's easy to fix?


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