[olug] Update options

Craig Wolf CJWolf at mpsomaha.org
Thu Aug 15 17:18:27 UTC 2002

Ok folks, looking for ideas here.  

  I have a Linux machine that will probably be taking over duties from
a botched Win2k transfer from a NetWare box of our District website.  I
need a way, read very easy, for non-technical type teachers to update
specific pieces of a website.  We are talking about Windoz machines and
Macintoshes as well.  FTP is an option, smb is an option, and appletalk
is an option but I would like to be able to set it up so that it is
consistent across all platforms for updating.  Ultimate goal would be to
be able to setup the rights to a directory to a Novell NDS user.  I have
apache authenticating to NDS through a module but to do this with any
other app, would I have to go trough PAM and LDAP?  Is any of this
making sense?  Are there options I haven't considered?

  Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated due to this being dropped in
my lap as early as tomorrow morning and I would like to have answers for
my boss on what options are available and what the pros/cons to each

One thing I forgot to say is that if I have to buy a piece of software
to do this, that is not out of the question either.  Thanx everyone!!

Craig Wolf
Linux Web Server Support
Desktop/Network Specialist
Support Services Center
Millard Public Schools

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