[olug] [Off-Topic] Local Work

Jim jameso at elwood.net
Sat Aug 10 01:42:39 UTC 2002

Sorry if this is off charter, but well, I did not find a charter, and I 
did see other postings along these lines in the archives.

I was wondering if anyone has any pointers for local companies that 
might be hiring. I have spend the last couple of years working for 
Netscape doing e-mail, ldap, and pki installs for fairly large 
arch/installs (around 35 million users or so). Well, I was laid off in 
another round of Netscape layoffs and don't really want to move out of 

So if anyone has any job openings that they know of, any tips would be 
great. I am really open as far as what type of work I will do as I have 
done tons of different things over the last few years. I really enjoyed 
the security work (IDS, firewall, pki, etc) that I have done in the 
past. I have not touched windows for years, so I am pretty rusty in that 
area but I could manage.

jameso at elwood.net

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