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Brian Roberson roberson at olug.org
Wed Aug 7 02:35:39 UTC 2002

If anyone is interested, let me know....

Please do not reply directly to this person, so I can coordinate a "mass" order.

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As the developers of Yellow Dog Linux for PowerPC computers, we
routinely find ourselves with an abundance of once-removed versions
of YDL. As our primary users are Apple Macintosh owners, we are
eager to support your members who own old and new Apple hardware

In particular, we believe YDL offers a unique opportunity for older
Macs. As Apple is now focused on Mac OS X and will in the
not-so-distant future no longer support classic Mac OS, YDL stands
as a modern, supported, fast, and highly flexible OS that supports
systems as old as 7200s.

As graphical desktop for home or office (Yes! Linux has a powerful
GUI), an email/ftp/web server, or code development workstation, YDL
now offers over 1,000 packages. You can learn more about YDL at
http://www.yellowdoglinux.com/ and get involved by subscribing to
the Announce and General Mailing lists at
http://lists.yellowdoglinux.com/ where we maintain a very active,
supportive community.

Now down to business ... we have in-house YDL 2.1 CDs (no longer a
shipping product ) and are ready to find anew home. If you want to
receive some let us know if you are interested with a response to
this email and answers to the following questions:

complete name of user group-

primary contact-

phone & email -

mailing address-

number of users in group-

frequency of meetings-

preferred number of copies of YDL

Looking forward to hearing from you soon as the CDs are going to go

Amanda Wolf
Terra Soft Solutions

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