[olug] fetchmail

Jeremy Bettis jeremyb at hksys.com
Tue Aug 6 16:57:52 UTC 2002

Fetchmail is for weenies, real unix goomers use UUCP!    ;-)

Seriously though, UUCP is quite powerful and still very useful for
intermittently connected mail servers.  It does require some setup at
your ISP though, so it's not for everyone.  But it makes handling mail
for a whole domain so much simpler.  I use uucp to get *@bettis.org mail
from my ISP to my home computer, which is on DSL. (but has dynamic ip
address and is hidden behind a firewall so it can't be reached.)

I have been using uucp since 1990 and I will probably keep using it
until the internet becomes stable/fast/cheap enough to just read all of
my mail via imap from the server(not on my dsl provider's network btw)
with similar performance to reading it off the server in my basement.
(Linux box 266Mhz)
Jeremy Bettis, Software Development Manager
HKS Medical Information Systems, Inc.
jeremyb at hksys.com

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> > All fetchmail does is grab your remote mail and gives it to your
> > MTA.  Here is how I would list it:

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