[olug] modules and modprobe

Luke Wilson luke_wilson at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 29 15:09:40 UTC 2002

   I'm running Suse 7.2 at home on an old Compaq 4640
(266MHz PII).  I rebuilt my kernel recently to support
USB.  Then I added an HP 8???i CD-RW (usb of course). 
The problem I'm having lies in the module load order
for the usb support.  The usb manager module loads
usb-uhci and usb-storage but not in a "good" order it
seems.  I have to rmmod both of them and then reload
them before the system will recognize the CD-RW.  Does
anyone know how Linux chooses the module load order
upon boot up and if I can force a certain order? 
After recognition, the whole thing runs great.

Thanks for any help,
Luke Wilson

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