[olug] RE: dhcp

Tanya Loughead tanyaloughead at cox.net
Fri Apr 26 02:42:45 UTC 2002

Just wanted to give a big thanks for everyone who gave me advice on
getting my new computer with Red Hat 7.2 up and running on the Internet.
I am now (finally) sending mail on my new computer with a Linux OS (via
the Evolution program i just downloaded)!!!!

What we ended up doing to momentarily fix the problem was to "steal" the
IP address from my old computer, and put it in to the new....This was
until Sir UNIX-geek got into my system via "sshd" {and let me tell you
what: that was a very bizarre experience!} and fixed everything up
remotely. (We have since switched it)

I'm sure this question/problem of mine was only the first of a long
string of them... But I'm jumping in with both feet and learning as I
go.  Has there ever been, or would anyone from this line consider doing,
kind of a beginners guide to Linux class-- one evening? I'd be willing
to help with any such project once I get the hang of stuff.
thanks for your help- tanya


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