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Fruhwirth, John JFruhwirth at huskers.unl.edu
Thu Apr 25 18:43:46 UTC 2002

I am also attempting to setup my printer.  I have an HP Laserjet IIP Plus.
Granted, mine is an older model; but the older models are hardest to get
working, apparently.  I can get it working with some distros (SuSe 7.3 works
best), but with my current distro (Mandrake 8.1, my favorite!), it sets up
the printer correctly with the right PPD but when I print something it
literally takes an hour or more for all the data to be sent to the printer.
(i.e. the Form Feed light is on on the printer and it stays lit until the
page prints).  Anyway, gimp-print (gimp-print.sourceforge.net) works best
for old HP printers.  Also, check out HP's linux website
(www.hp.com/united-states/linux/) and www.linuxprinting.org.  They will
provide you with the correct driver.  

I hate printers.

John (Russ) Fruhwirth
UNL Athletic Dept./Computing Services
101 East Stadium
Lincoln, NE  68588

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From: Charles Broer [mailto:cwbroer at neb.rr.com] 
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Subject: [olug] Printer help

I have not been able to get my printer configured and need some help in

First some background:
I am a newbie to linux
My equipment is an Intel Pentium II processor.
It is a dual boot system: LInux or Windows.
The printer is a Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4P.
I am running Red Hat linux version 7.2 and using a KDE desktop.
I am trying to use the driver with the displayed name of ljet4.
The printer is on and connected properly. It works under Windows or DOS.

I go to the K menu -> System -> Printer Configuration and after I have gone 
through the configuration routine I try to print a test page. The last two 
messages I get are:

1: "lpd restart succeeded"
2: "There was an error trying to print the test page"

I thank you for any help I can get

Charles W. Broer
E-Mail cwbroer at neb.rr.com


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