[olug] dhcpcd problem

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It could be something as simple as your Cox router only being set to allow
one IP to be assigned at a time.  I know the Roadrunner routers store the
MAC address of the first attached machine and will only give an IP to that
machine.  Try unhooking your old PC, unplug your router and then plug it
back in, and then see if your laptop obtains an address.  With Roadrunner
you have to unplug the router(cable modem) because there's no "off" switch.


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Hello all...  I have no idea if I am responding to this thread in the
correct manner, but I am new: not only to "OLUG," but to Linux in general.
am afraid that I need a whole-lotta-help.  I am trying my best to learn!
I do have a "UNIX- geek"  mentor, who is helping me as much as he can, but
alas-- he is in Portland, Oregon and can only do so much.
Anyway-- I am having a problem with my "dhcpcd" as well.  I have a new
laptop with a Xircom modem/Ethernet card. Last week, I installed Red Hat
on to it.  I have Cox Internet service already set up for my old desk-top
computer (runs on Windows--
{ya-- ya-- I know}). When I installed my Red Hat 7.2 onto my new laptop, it
wouldn't read my
Ethernet  card.  I am having lots of troubles getting connected to
My ever-so-kind UNIX mentor is helping me do all kinds of checks on
and dhcpcd-- nothing seems to be wrong with anything.  But, I can't get an
address assigned from the Cox service-- just keep getting the "192" inet
address. Just tonight, I bought a cross-over cable-- thinking that might be
the problem.  Still no service.
What ever shall I do?


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