[olug] dhcpcd problem

Tanya Loughead tanyaloughead at cox.net
Thu Apr 25 02:41:17 UTC 2002

Hello all...  I have no idea if I am responding to this thread in the
correct manner, but I am new: not only to "OLUG," but to Linux in general. I
am afraid that I need a whole-lotta-help.  I am trying my best to learn!
I do have a "UNIX- geek"  mentor, who is helping me as much as he can, but
alas-- he is in Portland, Oregon and can only do so much.
Anyway-- I am having a problem with my "dhcpcd" as well.  I have a new
laptop with a Xircom modem/Ethernet card. Last week, I installed Red Hat 7.2
on to it.  I have Cox Internet service already set up for my old desk-top
computer (runs on Windows--
{ya-- ya-- I know}). When I installed my Red Hat 7.2 onto my new laptop, it
wouldn't read my
Ethernet  card.  I am having lots of troubles getting connected to Internet.
My ever-so-kind UNIX mentor is helping me do all kinds of checks on hardware
and dhcpcd-- nothing seems to be wrong with anything.  But, I can't get an
address assigned from the Cox service-- just keep getting the "192" inet
address. Just tonight, I bought a cross-over cable-- thinking that might be
the problem.  Still no service.
What ever shall I do?
Thanks a gazillion---- tanya
P.S. Feel free to e-mail me directly at: tanyaloughead at cox.net
P.P.S. I enjoyed the Jello comments (!)-- and was at the Music Box speech--
may have seen some of you there...


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