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This is probably unnecessary, but just in case it's not...

33.6K is the best you'll connect with analog modems.  You're "56K" modems
rely on a phone company trick to give you 56K, and even then it's only 56K
downstream.  Upstream traffic is limited to 33.6K.  You're line conditions
have to be very good to get 33.6K also.


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I have a Redhat 7.1 server setup to allow me to dial in and get a PPP
connection to it.
I connect at between 26,400 and 33,600
Could you email me the steps you used for setting up Redhat 7.2 and I will
see if I can match my 7.1 speed with my 7.2 server using a ppp connection
I also have a US Roboticks 56k external modem on my 7.1.
I have a spare one I can connect to my 7.2 server.
If it works I will email you any changes you need to make.

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I've got a newly created RH 7.2 box with a US Robotics 56k external modem
it.  I've got mgetty configured and it answers calls from my Windows 2000
laptop and authenticates me and I get a connection established.  My
problem is
I have tried setting the speed everywhere for mgetty and/or ppp but I only
it to connect at 9600.

Anybody got some ideas for me?


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