[olug] Infotec and Summer Installfest

Nate Rotschafer writetogenius at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 20 22:40:50 UTC 2002

Ok I'm setting up my XP 1700+ machine to demo probably more on Wed. but 
maybe someone Tues. if I can find someone to help me keep track of 
it....I've got screenies in case you are interestered in what the desktop 
looks like at http://www.geniussystems.net/kde3screenies all of these except 
the kdeold.png are of my current set-up.  I'll have VMWare install with 
Windows XP for running OfficeXP and Photoshop 6, I'll have xine ready for 
DVD playback and Divx playback and an assortment of games running under 
winex....any other ideas or comments?

Nate Rotschafer

P.S. I will need to borrow speakers from someone cause it is hooked up to a 
home theater reciever which will NOT be following me to infotec....

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