[olug] Hard Drive Addition to a Compaq Deskpro

Matthew G. Marsh mgm at midwestlinux.com
Wed Apr 17 21:50:16 UTC 2002

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Don Kauffman wrote:

> >Unfortunatly, getting the drive to just slide in requires some fancy
> >screws that only Compaq uses :(
> >
> Having poked around a little bit more I see what you mean.

Actually they are called Torx head screws and they are in common use in
automotive equipment. Designed so that the driver can place greater rotary
pressure than with a standard Phillips head - hence the name Torx
(torque). Also in common use in camcorders and professional music
equipment in mini sizes. Hop over to Sears and pick up a set or if you
only want Compaq sizes then you only need #10 and #15. Make sure that you
only use the correct length when installing the drive into the bay. They
are designed to completely contact the sheet metal.

> >Oh, and that's just the two different styles of Compaq Deskpro that I've
> >seen: yours may be different.

All the specs and exploded diagrams are on the web. I have to dig out the
URL I use - it is for an aftermarket parts vendor for older Compaq stuff.
Get the actual model number and search google for parts. Quite easy.

> Like I said earlier, this is so reassuring!  :-) Just kidding.  ..
> Thanks to all who responded for your help. It looks like a minor to
> middle  tear down..
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