[olug] Hard Drive Addition to a Compaq Deskpro

Fruhwirth, John JFruhwirth at huskers.unl.edu
Tue Apr 16 18:30:13 UTC 2002

The Deskpro is a desktop machine, right?  and not a tower?  well, either
way.  There is a way to remove every panel on
every machine.  I've never worked with the Deskpro specifically, but I just
had a similar problem on a Micron.  Anyway, look for hidden screws on the
front chassis, assuming you are able to remove the outer plastic panel.  Are
you replacing this one or simply adding another HDD?  It may be easier to do
the latter.  Compaq cases are renowned for being compact (no pun intended)
and a pain in the ass to work with and upgrade.  Don't forget to set the
Master/Slave jumpers correctly on the HDD's.  Good luck.

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I have Linux running on  a Compaq Deskpro PII/III that has a 3 gig HD. 3 
gig is barely adequate for my needs. I've looked at it and can't quite
out how to add a hard drive into the system. Does anyone have experience
this type of setup? If so, can you give me a clue as to where to look? 
The HD chassis seems to be down under the CD or the FD. Is there a front 
panel opening (I didn't take the face plate off-- at the time I didn't 
think about it)? I'd really rather not take it to a shop if I don't have 
to as I'd have to reset the internet access to my M$ box  -- a royal pain!

I really appreciate that there's a group like this I can turn to when  I 
have an ignorant newbie question!


Don Kauffman
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