[olug] Stupid Vim trick

Brian Roberson roberson at olug.org
Thu Apr 11 06:00:26 UTC 2002

> Errr, I really hate to sound ignorant and sound like I don't get the joke
> . . but I don't.
> I was under the impression that endianess was a byte-ordering thing, and
> that for values like 101010 which can be represented in one byte then
> byte-ordering doesn't matter, since there's only one way to represent one
> byte.  Someone better educated care to fill me in on how off base I am?

not at all, you are absolutely correct, endian is a byte ordering, just as
you say, where little endian has the ls-byte ( least signifigant byte ) in
the lower address range and big-endian is the reverse. let me try not to
confuse anyone here....

If you have a 16 bit word ( 2 bytes ) , addressed 0x0 and 0x1 , where the
value of these locations are
0x0 = 00000001
0x1 = 00000011
depending on the endian, you can read the value of that word as either 13 or

( little endian = 31 ; big endian = 13 )


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