[olug] OT: Cheap Small Business Web Hosting?

Eric Penne epenne at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 1 16:21:11 UTC 2002

Our company is having all sorts of problems with webhosting and email. 
Is there a local (Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas) company that does this sort
of thing?  Anybody have any reccomendations?  I've checked all the
cheap sites on the net and they look OK but we would like to have our
hosting local if possible.

Please respond to epenne at ieee.org off the list.

Some of you may be able to see the problems we are having by sending a
test email to epenne at nceelabs.com (I'll ignore them) and watching the
failure come back saying nceelabs.com not found.

Since we are deploying a full page add in a trade magazine this month,
I'm pretty sure we'll lose business if people can't send email to us.

Is the OLUG Archive searchable?  I may not have looked deep enough.

Eric Penne

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