[olug] Linux on iPaq

quinn at kalteisen.com quinn at kalteisen.com
Thu Nov 15 08:39:00 UTC 2001

I just got Linux installed on my iPaq and was wondering if anybody else
locally has done this.	I'm just looking for somebody to work with in
getting my wireless stuff running, etc.

All-in-all I am very impressed with Linux on the iPaq.	I decided to go
with QPE (embedded QT) instead of the traditional XWindows for now.  It's
easy to switch back to X if I want.  The integration of the apps in QPE is
amazing.  I even have Konqueror running.

I have noticed it eats the battery faster with Linux, though.  I must not
have the power management stuff set right.

Anyway, if anybody else has doen this I look forward to talking.



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