[olug] Compiling 2.4.14 Kernel for GRUB (monolithic)

Chad olug at chadkeffer.com
Mon Nov 12 05:19:16 UTC 2001

Hello All, I'm new to this list so I thought I'd introduce myself with a
question. :)  (please don't groan).

I was looking for instructions on compiling and installing the latest kernel
(2.4.14 or so) under GRUB (monolithic compile).  I have good instructions
for compiling 2.4.x under LILO and I have successfully done it a number of
times.  However, since I moved to RedHat 7.2 I cannot figure out how to
properly configure GRUB.  I'm also looking for a good reference to walk me
through the Yes/No questions you get during configuration of the Kernel as
they have added a number of new ones since 2.4.2.


- Chad Keffer


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