[olug] Job Opening - Windows Tech - $8 to $10/hour

Neal Rauhauser isptech at americanrelay.com
Thu Nov 1 15:25:32 UTC 2001

  American Relay has an opening in the near future (11/15/2001) for a
support technician. Duties will include supporting all of the various
mutant forms of Windows. Dress code is casual casual - denim is fine,
but decent shirt required since you'll occasionally want to visit the
atrium where the over dressed people hang out. I believe its hourly, I
believe the range is $8 - $10, and I think we're getting some sort of
health insurance set up. Planned hours of operation are 0800 - 2000
daily. I am not sure about how evening shifts and Saturday/Sunday are
going to be handled.

  Soft benefits you won't hear about in the interview - access to this
stuff is subject to getting the Windows users happy first :-)

  Lots and lots of unix around. Mostly Free BSD, but some RedHat is
there too. When we finish contruction of our NOC in the basement there
will be room for employee colocation.

  Lots and lots of Cisco. A whole lot. BGP, OSPF, 802.1Q vlans, IPv6,
the list goes on and on.

  Free wireless hookup if you're line of site to an American Relay
facility. If you're in western CB, north O, etc, and you can see the old
first national bank building, you can probably be on net.

  So that is that. Any questions? Email me at
mailto:nealr at americanrelay.com and I'll try to answer them.

Neal Rauhauser CCNP, CCDP			phone: 402-391-3930
http://AmericanRelay.com			fax  : 402-951-6390
mailto:nealr at americanrelay.com			fcc  : k0bsd


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