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Phil Brutsche pbrutsch at creighton.edu
Thu Mar 29 02:41:10 UTC 2001

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Sorry if this was received twice... need help. Does anyone have an
> exim/fetchmail setup going, especially with @home?

I have exim+fetchmail working fine against Creighton - the only real
difference will be the hostname of the server to poll :)

> I can receive messages with fetchmail but cant send them (via mutt...
> Im using mozilla for this).

Some tips:

1) qualify_domain *must* *not* contain the value of your cox at home fqdn.
   The value of localhost is perfect.
2) local_domains *must* *contain* localhost, but can also contain other
   values (local_domains is equivalent to the file /etc/sendmail.cw on
   some sendmail installs).

The rational for the first two is that messages generated by the software
on your system (ie via crontab) will contain only a username - ie have the
message header:

From: root

"root", in this case, is called an unqualified, or not fully qualified,

The value from qualify_domain is tacked onto the end of the unqualivied
user name; if qualify domain is

qualify_domain = omhan1.ne.home.com

the From: line becomes

From: root at omhan1.ne.home.com

and I'm sure you don't want messages from root on your box going to your
isp :)

Which is why you want qualify_domains to be localhost, and local_domains
to contain localhost.

3) host_accept relay *must* contain localhost, but can also contain the
   ip number/netmask combination for your local lan.
4) Look at the file /etc/email-addresses and the section in /etc/exim.conf
   marked rewrite configuration.

This is a side effect of qualify_domain being localhost.  When you send
emails from mutt, your from line will look like this when it leaves your

From: <your local user name>@<value from qualify_domain>

The settings in the rewrite configuration section will alter the specified
headers of the message.

5) Look at my exim.conf :)  It's at
6) Read the exim documentation.

The exim documentation is excellent.  It makes the qmail documentation
look like its held together with spit and chewing gum :)  Install the
package "exim-doc"; the files will be under /usr/share/doc.  I also have a
web-based version at http://tux.creighton.edu/exim; that web link is for
exim 3.2x, though, and some of the configuration settings won't work on
exim 3.12 (or whatever version is in Debian potato).

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