Chris Garrity m0ntar3 at home.com
Thu Mar 22 23:56:17 UTC 2001

	Napster listens on port 6699 for file tranfer requests (I think). It's possible
to download mp3's because you Napster client initiates the connect, thus
establishing a connection. But having folks request files from you is another

	I don't know the syntax for IPMASQADM or iptables, but what needs to be setup
is port-forwarding (redirecting, whatever you call it). All napster requests to
your firewall (port 6699) need to forwarded internally to whatever host is
running napster.

	You can gain diagnostic information about what port numbers napster is using
via tools like tcpdump or ethereal. Just run 'em and look at the source ip and
destination port...

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