[olug] mounting my zip drive

mesc mescie at home.com
Tue Mar 20 11:36:30 UTC 2001

I just upgraded to mandrake 8.0 and I get this error when I try to mount
my zip drive which I need because all my configuration files are on a
zip disk>>/dev/hdc: Input/output error
					mount:you must specify the file system type..so then I give the
command mount -t ext2 /dev/zip /mnt/zip .....mount:wrong fs type,bad
option,bad superblock on /dev/zip,or too many mounted filesystems I also
get this error when trying to mount my cdrom>>mount:/dev/cdrom:unknown
device...I get many more errors unless I remove the ide-scsi module
first.I wanted to paste my /etc/fstab file into this post but my paste
isn't working yet.Anyone have any ideas why I can't mout either device?

			Thank you,Gary Martin

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