[olug] apt-get question

Mike McNally mmcnally3 at prodigy.net
Sun Mar 18 03:07:08 UTC 2001

I decided to compile a newer kernel and found that executing
apt-get update and apt-get upgrade doesn't download the newest kernel.
My question is: what other packages fail to be upgraded when the 
apt-get upgrade command is issued?  Is kernel-source-* the only 

The rest of the story is: 
grep kernel-source /var/lib/dpkg/available | grep Package; 
apt-get install [choice of kernel-source package]

...got the kernel source installed.  I picked the 2.2.18pre21 which
is the latest even numbered ver that showed up in the available dir.


Mike McNally		mmcnally3 at prodigy.net

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