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Paul T. McNally nally at radiks.net
Wed Mar 14 08:43:45 UTC 2001

ktb wrote:

> The Binary-2 and Binary-3 CDs do not contain any "US-sensitive"
> software;
> Not much info there but you could sift though it for a few clues.
> kent
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 Gosh dern it. I just installed Debian earlier today. Wish I woulda known this
question was coming up, I'd have payed attention to what got pulled off
#3. The way that dselect and dpkg work, it doesn't matter really like it
does with RedHat. Once you install the stuff you want, you edit the
/etc/apt/sources.list and use apt-get to pull updates and new stuff off the
web. You can do that with RedHat as well with up2date, but apt-get is
nicer. It's actually easier to use when replacing one item for another, like
replacing the font server xfstt for the crummy font server xfs. Apt-get
is what up2date wants to be when it grows up (this is simply a true statement).


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