[olug] more free to a good home

puzzled at home.com puzzled at home.com
Wed Mar 14 01:29:49 UTC 2001

        There is a 180 MHz IDT winchip sitting back here that I will
never use - I think its set to drop in to any 60 MHz pentium socket (ie
60, 90, 120, 133 MHZ) and give you a little performance boost. Working
pull from a system that fried its mainboard.

        I also see a 350 meg 2.5" IDE drive - if I recall correctly this
was working when I pulled it ... I think it was supposed to be a spare
for my unkillable toshiba 486/50 but, being as the machine is
unkillable, I'll let this go to someone more needy than I am.

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