[olug] Weekend Meeting?

Paul T. McNally pmcnally at alltel.net
Wed Jun 27 21:53:12 UTC 2001

Hey Daniel, do you still work the swing shift, evenings. I'm assuming
do and will for quite some time.

The rest of OLUG (like Phil):

Which is why Daniel has not been to a meeting of OLUG for quite
some time.

Is there anyway possible we could meet on the first Tuesday of each
month (like we do) and then meet like the 3rd Sunday or Sat. (except of
when that would fall on a damn silly holiday)?? Instead of meeting on
the Thursday evening??

 If we could have a place to meet, i.e. Adam Haeder, if we
     could meet at AIM??

Then we could do something like another poll on

I don't think Daniel is the only person we miss because
we had to switch to weekday nights only. I think if we
could make this change, it would bring in some key
people who have not been able to attend anymore
and think of the poor schmucks who are computer
operators, trained monkeys, etc who can't make it
to OLUG cuz they work the swing shift. These are the
very people who need Linux and OLUG the most.


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