[olug] LDAP Meeting

Phil Brutsche pbrutsch at creighton.edu
Wed Jun 27 19:45:38 UTC 2001

Quoting Daniel Pfile <pfiled at marietta.edu>:

> Well, at least you got basic heirachy down, ldap can be a beast to
> learn to basics on.

Yes, I noticed :)  I myself only got that part figured out in the last month
or so ago.

> I'm wondering why a talk on compiling was needed?

Less about compiling and more while compiling :)  It wouldn't go on the AMD 
powered machine I was sitting in front of (%$#* RedHat) so I went to the
first machine I could think of - a P166.

> Most people will use and rpm or a deb, or will be able to config/compile.

I couldn't find any RPMs that would work so I just ended up compiling it.

> Pam ldap and qmail-ldap are pretty easy to use, once you get the basic
> idea.

I wouldn't know about qmail-ldap (I tend to avoid qmail, despite all the
people that rave about it for reasons I can't comprehed), but pam_ldap is
*very* easy.

> It's setting up a schema and lots of other stuff that makes it tricky.

You betcha.  Those are things that one can only get to understand over long
periods of time.

> Oh well, maybe some other time.

Maybe we could do a follow-up sometime to show off the nifty things you can do 
with LDAP.


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