[olug] @home connection to my own web page

Nathan Brown tbrownarcher at home.com
Tue Jun 26 01:48:22 UTC 2001

I called cox again today and got to a different guy for tech support that
seemed to be more of a trouble shooter than any other I have talked to.  He is
going to call me tomorrow at 1:00 pm so that I can be here so they can get into
my machine with some piece of software they have.  They are gonna look around
and see if they can find my trouble ... I repeat ...MY ... trouble .... it's
not my trouble .  it infuriates me but what else can I do?  Every Tech that has
been here said it's not here it's in their system.  Techs have told me and u
did too that they actually have diminished upload connections this guy today
told me that there is no way that the connection can be diminished.  The way I
see it is if they are gonna lie to me about something basic like that then I
should be very careful what they do in my machine????

Is this safe?  Should I let them in my machine?  I'm uneasy ... I don't think
they will do anything malicious.  I just think there may be some settings they
do that I'm not gonna like.

Thanks for listenning

"Calvin W. Kline, jr." wrote:

> Some of the Cox people are absolutely worthless technically.  They got
> their CS degree from a marketing organization (like Microsoft).  And you
> are correct that some sections of the city are throttled to 10kbs or less
> for any outbound transmissions.  In particular, areas in Bellevue and those
> around the Air Force Base.
> Two suggestions:  First, try complaining to @HOME headquarters in
> California through their web based feedback on their web page.  In the
> feedback, quote the technical garbage you've been given as local wisdom.
> Also try asking the local people to be referred to "some one who actually
> knows something about their @HOME network".  This will probably lead to
> talking to another idiot.  But let it be known that to them and @HOME that
> going back to a 56KB modem is now preferable to Cox @HOME service.
> Second, try looking into DSL with Qwest (formerly U. S. Worst).  I think
> they have been making some substantial changes.  I folled around with U.S.
> West DSL service for two months before they finally said they couldn't
> provide it in my area.  If Cox at HOME gets any worse, I'll be trying it
> again.
> Third, I've been thinking about writing to the Omaha World Herald,
> soliciting other individuals who have received the same "run around" and
> "technical garbage" from Cox.  Perhaps a quiet riot and letter writing
> campaigne might get the message accross that as soon as something slightly
> better comes along (like a 56KB modem), then Cox is history.
> You are not alone with frustration with tech support idots at Cox.
> Nathan Brown wrote:
> > I have been fighting with @home for 2 months.
> > My surfing and downloading is fine..speeds pretty fast ... upload is
> > limited for some reason to very small (10k) or less.
> > I cannot send large email nor can I send anything of any size at all to
> > my web page.
> >
> > Since there is no competition available for Cox Cabel they seem to be
> > trying minimally to help.  When I talk to them they send out a tech but
> > they tell me there is nothing wrong with my system.
> >
> > A friend of mine can upload to my page but I can't .
> >
> > All Cox keeps doing it sending out techs that tell me there is nothing
> > wrong with my system ..  I can't seem to get anywhere ... can you tell
> > me what to do ????
> >
> > Anything would be helpful
> > thanks
> > Nate
> >
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