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Schmeits, Roger schmeits at clarksoncollege.edu
Fri Jun 15 21:39:03 UTC 2001

I ask the person setting up the meeting on specifc operating system they
will be focusing on and this is his response.

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Since this is all still getting off the ground, there are no archives
(heck... no real emails yet :)

There won't necessarily be a concentration on one specific operating system
per sei. Linux will have to be addressed in-depth due to its wide-spread use
& availability.

I can see us touching on about everything out there in the field. There will
probably be specific concentrations to certain meetings, but there won't be
an official O/S affiliation.

If there is a need for public discussion forums, I have the resources to
setup a server to house it. This sounds like a good discussion for Thursday!


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From: Schmeits, Roger [mailto:schmeits at clarksoncollege.edu]
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Do you have a web site established yet? Do have any mail archives? Will this
group focus on a specific operating system?

I sent the orginial email to the local Linux group and these where some of
the questions that came up.



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From: Dave Elfering [mailto:elfering at wernerlogistics.com]
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Subject: [SANSUG] Meeting Date, Intrusion Detection Talk

First things first:
The overwhelming consensus was to move tonight's scheduled meeting to next
week, Thursday June 21 at 7PM. This will be held at the Werner Enterprises
auditorium, and I will have very detailed directions posted to a web site by
late tomorrow.

IDS Talk:
At the initial formation meeting, someone had volunteered to give a 20
minute talk overviewing intrusion detection.

I didn't write their name down, and now to be sure we have that agenda item
covered need to know who volunteered and if they are still going to be

If word isn't back to me by Friday some time, we'll probably submit to the
group asking someone else if they'd like to speak.

For those who have just joined the list, this user group came about from a
series of SANS classes we held this spring. Near the end of the Network
Essentials course, we decided to try and form a practical security forum for
Omaha area IS/Security professionals. Something that stresses communication,
information sharing and useful security practices.

For the first meeting, the consensus was to do intrusion detection. I have
about a one hour presentation ready on how to setup a Windows 2000 Snort
server, complete with MySQL and a web based GUI. 

I'll post up an official agenda and overview by Friday or over the week-end
at the latest.

Please feel free to spread news of the meeting! Any and all are welcome to

Dave Elfering
Network Security Manager - Werner Enterprises
(402) 894-3617

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