[olug] lost in Omaha

Paul T. McNally pmcnally at alltel.net
Thu Jun 7 19:20:42 UTC 2001

Adam Haeder wrote:

> I take offensive to this remark.
> I couldn't post a message to the website (olug.org) because I don't have
> an account on it yet. However, if you look at the old messages, there is
> an announcement for the last meeting (May 17) that has a link to
> directions and a map.
> Click here: http://www.schoolink.org/2/02/03/book.htm
> Hope to see you at the next meeting (if you deem us worthy)
> "Timothy G. O'Brien" wrote:
> >
> > Steve - you are not the only one. Hopefully you did not make the drive up. I did make the drive, and showed up to the College just before 6 pm, and could not figure out where it would be, hung around the computer lab for a bit, even had the library staff look in the room schedule to no avail.
> > Hopefully this is not a inkling of what to expect from the new leadership that was elected the last meeting. I would expect something better from Omaha.

You can expect better. Give Adam a break. It's not easy to have a life and
try and coordiante with another busy person to get the admin stuff rolling.
I for one am looking forward to the future of OLUG.

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