[olug] $%#&ing libgnomeprint

Phil Brutsche pbrutsch at creighton.edu
Thu Jun 7 03:07:37 UTC 2001

Quoting Adam Lassek <alassek at techie.com>:

> Okay, fellow Gnome 1.4 users, has any else had any
> problems with this wonderful little package?
> Specifically, the Debian package for
> Setting up libgnomeprint11 (0.25-ximian.6) ...

Ximian GNOME on anything but a DeadRat (a derogatory term for RedHat :) 
derivative is pretty damned funky.

Many packages either a) have broken dependencies or b) don't even configure 
themselves correctly.

File bug a bug report at ximian.com!  I'm too lazy to do that myself :) and 
much prefer KDE 2.1 in any case.

Phil Brutsche

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