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Sam Deel sdeel at home.com
Wed Jan 31 21:21:23 UTC 2001


Law of Threes?  PCs, I am wondering what 3 ways they change our lives? 
I would put VisiClac and Wordprocessing 1 & 2.  After that, I suppose
interpreter Basic (although that may be a stretch).  If you accept that
stretch, I think distributed computing is the third area for the
internet.  Not just the web.  Sorry it doesn't come as a single app, but
a family of tools working together.  I was thinking of Java and XML,
platform independent programs and platform independent data.  Corba gets
you away from a specific language.


Mike Hostetler wrote:
> This is mostly a discussion that I want to start, as opposed
> to a config problem, etc.
> I believe in the Law Of Threes - meaning that if something is
> going to come along that is going to change our lives, it
> needs to do it in at least three ways.  For the Internet, we
> now have the web and email, but what is the third?  Some believe
> that it is instant messaging.  I'm not so sure, but I
> believe that it will be something like a combo of instant
> messaging and Napster.
> Anyway, what I was really wondering, is what kind of instant
> messaging do people in OLUG use?  My issue is that I have
> some friends that use Yahoo Messenger, others use ICQ.  For
> that, I use Everybuddy (http://www.everybuddy.com), which
> supports ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo.  It works pretty well, but it
> only allows file transfers between Everybuddy users.
> Also, you have to have an account at ICQ, Yahoo, etc., for
> it to work (which only makes sense, I guess).
> And what about Jabber?  It seems like a cool idea - an open
> source instant messaging framework.  I grabbed the RPM for
> Gabber (http://gabber.sourceforge.net), which started out at
> the "official" Linux/Gnome Jabber client and it says it
> also supports ICQ and Yahoo, but I never got them all to
> work.  Does anyone here use it???  (I should also state that
> newest Everybuddy support Jabber, and it does seem to work,
> after I manually edited the prefs file).
> Also, since I'm talking about it . . . my info is:
> ICQ - 75415693
> Jabber and Yahoo -  thehaas
> AIM - thehaas1 (someone stole my handle!!!)
> okay, now discuss!!
> Mike
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> Mike Hostetler
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> in his footsteps?"
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