[olug] help! qmail is eating my brain

tetherow at nol.org tetherow at nol.org
Tue Jan 30 15:54:58 UTC 2001

On 30 Jan, puzzled at home.com wrote:
>    I have  a qmail server that is answering for a handful of domains.
> Today I've been given a task I don't know how to handle.
>     pensat.com is the 'home' domain for the system. Its now going to be
> answering for blah.com as well. They want info at pensat.com to go to one
> person, and info at blah.com to go to another - how do I go about splitting
> the traffic?

Not sure in qmail but in sendmail you would use a virtuserstable which
may give you something to search documentation on...

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