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Mike Hostetler thehaas at binary.net
Sun Jan 28 04:41:01 UTC 2001

On Sat, 27 Jan 2001 16:18:34 -0600 Chris Garrity <Chris Garrity <m0ntar3 at home.com>> wrote:

> 	Me thinks AOL (AIM) swallowed Mirabilis, Ltd. (ICQ).. AIM is putting out its
> very own (closed source) distribution of AIM for Linux operating systems. For
> purists there's gaim. Me thinks IM'ing is a reinvention of email, with less
> overhead. But still, everyone can't pile in the phone booth like with IRC. Maybe
> if Gopher came back things'd change. If Lotus notes and Exchange would die
> things would change.

One of the big things I have with ICQ is that it's Windows
software (what I used at work) really sucks.  It's a
resource hog, and it always comes up with stupid
advertisments.  But it does integrate with the desktop and
Outlook well.  I've heard a lot of good things about AIM,
but only know one person that uses it. =) 

I do agree with the fact that IM's is just email, only a bit
different.  But I think that the third thing will be similar
. . .kinda like filesharing like Napster or Gnutella (anyone
use it ever?? I never had), but with more added.  IRQ *is*
great for meeting people, but it's hard when you just want
to talk to one or more people.  However, Yahoo and Jabber do
support "rooms", so you can get three or more invited people
to talk together, which is kinda like IRC.

I will say that I am impressed by companies doing live chats
between customer service and customers via Java applets in a
browser.  Also TV celebs and whatnot doing chats (my favs
are the cooks on Food Network, but they are not really
celebs) is pretty cool.

Okay, keep talking. =)


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