[olug] 'Net connection lost

mesc mescie at home.com
Sat Jan 27 19:55:48 UTC 2001

I just reinstalled linux and now when I first boot up all the lights
come on on my cable modem,I can ping my  nameserver (@home),I can surf
the web,ifconfig and route show my eth0 interface up.But after a few
minutes the PC light on my modem goes out,pinging my nameserver results
in destination unreachable,trying to surf the web results in the usual
unable to resolve host errors BUT both ifconfig and route still show
eth0 as up  even though it isn't.I've checked /etc/resolv.conf and
/etc/hosts and they both are like they should be.I am writing this in
windows so obviously the modem still works so it must be a configuration
problem I have in linux.Any ideas what may be wrong?

            Thank you,Gary Martin

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