[olug] Kernel Panic

mesc mescie at home.com
Tue Jan 23 08:52:24 UTC 2001

I just reinstalled my mandrake 7.0 and it rebooted fine during the end
of the install when it reboots but now with my boot disk I get this
error after a bit of initial boot up scrolling by>>Warning:Unable to
open initial console.Kernel Panic:No init found.Try passing init= option
to kernel.I didn't use lilo because I reinstalled windows too,I did it
backwards thought for various reasons installing windows after linux so
I need to boot up linux and run lilo to be able to use it.Using the boot
disk at the lilo prompt (I only get the lilo prompt with the boot disk)
I tried linux init=3 but I still recieved the same error.Does anyone
know how I can get around this?

                Thank you,Gary Martin

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