[olug] dd --- the coolest utility ever

Chris Garrity m0ntar3 at home.com
Mon Jan 22 01:51:06 UTC 2001

	Is it possible to image a smaller drive onto a larger drive, without losing
space? I.e. I've got a drive that's 17G, with one filesystem on one partition,
and I wnat to image it onto a drive that's 20G---but I'll lose 3G, correct? I
think I am because the filesystem on the original disk only covers 17G, and the
new disk is 20G. Am I wrong, is there a way to image over a existing partition
(drive) onto a larger one without losing space?

	If I copy a smaller partition (or drive) onto a larger one, the original
filesystem won't account for the extra room at the new location. Or am I
completely wrong?

	I'd like to image a disk (one partition) off a 17G and onto a 20G, but don't
see how it'll work. Be really awesome if it did :)

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