[olug] Re: LUG meeting postmortem

Dave Burchell burchell at inetnebr.com
Tue Jan 16 05:14:12 UTC 2001

Concerning the Lincolnd meeting on Friday:

pohl says:

> Alas, I can't say that "fun was had by all".  It turns out
> that there were a couple of people who showed up a little
> earlier than most of us (5:30) and ended up leaving about
> an hour later, unable to identify anybody else as probable
> geeks. (Guess we're too damned sexy.) One of these guys, 
> a young kid who made an hour-long drive to get there, felt a 
> little rejected afterwards.  So, now you know what he meant by 
> this brief post:

Oops!  Perhaps we should get a stuffed Tux to place on the table as a

> LUG should get together again at the location Oliver mentioned 
> and have a real meeting to add balance to the recent BeerFest.

Some of us had the chance to visit Oly's space; nice!

For those out of the loop, this is a lab room in downtown Lincoln.

What topic would we like for a "structured" meeting there?  Could we find a
topic that allowed for, say, one hour of meeting followed by "lab" time,
during which those without a big interest in the topic could wander down to
Yiayia's for refreshments?  For example, how about an hour of presentation
on NAT/firewall/port forwarding followed by a hands-on setup of a machine
for those interested?

For those in Omaha, would it be worth the trip?

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