[olug] 486-33 chokes on cdrom

Mike McNally mmcnally3 at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 7 22:19:24 UTC 2001

On Sun 07 Jan 2001, Phil Brutsche wrote:

> You should check to make sure the hard drive and CD-ROM are jumpered
> correctly - ie HD needs to be set for master and CDROM for slave.

I just tried that (2nd time).  It hangs after the memory test with the
number 120 printed below the mem numbers.  In lesser failures, there's an
error that goes:  120secs to allow for controler, or something like that.
Anyway it's a hardware problem involving a harddrive (that works by itself),
a cdrom (quite new and just removed from a fully functioning pc), and an ide
cable (that the harddrive will run on either plug).  That pretty much leaves
the controller, I suppose... BWDIK.

> I've got a whole box full of ISA Intel and 3com ethernet cards if you need
> any :)

Do you think they would be compatible with my 2 existing linksys pci 10/100
cards I am networking with (through a linksys hub)?  I picked up a linksys 
for 20bucks but I did feel that was kind of high.  I do have a 14 day return 


Mike McNally		mmcnally3 at prodigy.net

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