[olug] 486-33 chokes on cdrom

Mike McNally mmcnally3 at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 7 17:37:03 UTC 2001

I've tried attaching the cdrom to the cable both infront of and
behind the harddrive and both cause the 486 to halt without error.
I put the cdrom driver lines in a boot disk that boots ok as long
as the ribbon is not plugged into the cdrom.  Once the cdrom is
plugged in, I don't think it gets to the config.sys driver line.
This appears to be a bios error.  Ideas...
	Bad cable maybe?
	Jumpers on mbrd require changing for addn of cdrom?
What do you think?  Are there bios that can't handle a cdrom?

note: pc = gateway 486 4dx-33 with a proc upgrade chip

By the way, Mark Martin donated this 486 to me and for that I am
grateful and will attempt to continue his generocity by donating
hardware to the olug group.  I have a spare monitor now, and after
plugging it in to make sure it still works, I'll make another post
regarding it's donation.  I'm currently working to relieve this
poor little 486 of it's microsoftness and get it setup as a 
dedicated firewall.  Thanks.

Mike McNally		mmcnally3 at prodigy.net

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