[olug] anon ftp p/w

mesc mescie at home.com
Fri Jan 5 23:34:47 UTC 2001

I've been trying to figure out how to burn a cd since I bought my cd-rw
last week but I'm  having bad luck for various reasons.After reading the
CD-Writing-HOWTO and reading the replys I got from my first post I think
I have it but my version of xcdroast was 3 years old and  a bug in it
preventing me from completing the setup part of it therefor it was
useless  to me.So I downloaded the current version but it wouldn't run
without cdrecord-1.9 or newer........( I just sighed at my tale of  woe
).....lol.Now for my troubling part,I went to RPM Find net in netscape
to download the cdrecord rpm and it wouldn't let me download it giving
me this popup message <Netscape is unable to set the FTP transfer mode
with this server.You will not be able to download files>.I have "send my
e-mail address as anonymous FTP password".So this must be my problem I'm
having with my Ident,irc can't  find  it and I have to assume that's
what's causing my anon FTP problems.I do have the package that has Ident
in it installed as do I have Identd installed,whether or not I  need it
I have no clue,I was desperate to try anything.I've read the man page on
Ident over and over but I still don't have it working.Anyone have any

                Thank you,Gary Martin

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