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Mark Martin mmartin at amath.washington.edu
Fri Jan 5 01:34:19 UTC 2001

If you save your Write and MSWorks files as RTF (Rich Text Format), then
Abiword should be able to read them.  Choose "Save As" from the file
menu and select RTF as the file type.  You can use KWord to read MS Word
97 doc files.  Applix can read a large variety of file formats,
including RTF and several flavors of doc.  I can't comment on other
tools such as Star Office or Word Perfect since I've never used either
of them.

Notepad, on the other hand, justs writes text (ASCII).  Any Linux-based
word-processing program or editor should be able to read the files that
Notepad writes.  The only difference might lie in the character(s) used
to indicate the end of a line.  MS Windoze has traditionally used a
carriage return followed by a line feed whereas UNIX typically uses just
a line feed.  This might cause some editors or word processors to
display extra characters in files generated by Notepad, although most
recent software accomodates either end of line indicator and this
behavior is no longer very common.

Mark A. Martin					Dept of Applied Mathematics
http://www.amath.washington.edu/~mmartin	University of Washington

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