[olug] linux 7.2

Nate Brown tbrownarcher at home.com
Thu Dec 27 21:17:31 UTC 2001

I'm trying to download Red hat 7.2.   I'm not able to do this over the
past 4 days.  Everytime I connect to any site it takes me to the redhat
site.  I connect at very small speeds such as 15 kbps even though I have
a cable connection.  If I wait til it finally downloads the complete
file it is never complete and usually deletes itself on completion and
if it does not delete it's usually only a file of 0 bytes.

I'm using windows because I just formatted my HD and do not have linux
on the machine.  I'm using both netscape and ftp clients such as bullet
proof and wsftp.

I'm stumped .



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