[olug] The NNTP Cox at Hell limitation problem

Christopher Cashell topher at zyp.org
Thu Dec 27 08:30:11 UTC 2001

On Wed, Dec 26, 2001 at 10:04:02PM -0500, Timothy G. O'Brien wrote:
> Let me further elaborate on some questions then: What other
> "broadband" access do my fellow OLUG users have in the Omahell area,
> and do they have this same limitation (and is it enforced)?

Provided you live west of I-680 (approximately), you can get Qwest
Choice Online[1], their cable modem service.  I've been happy with their
service, and know of no NNTP caps.

> You mentioned pay for nntp access - some sort of subscriber access?
> Does any one have any experience with these that  they would be
> willing to share?

I don't have any personal experience with this, but I have a friend
who's done this for quite some time.  I can try to get a hold of him and
see what his experiences have been.

> Since I am looking at moving my NNTP experience to the Linux platform
> - what NNTP clients are you using out there for single & multi post
> newsgroups?

I generally use slrn, a very nice, customizable, threaded news reader.
It reminds me a lot of mutt, is much like what one would get if you
created a mutt 'variant' designed for news reading instead of e-mail.

For those with a more GUI bent, recent releases of Mozilla have gotten
the Mozilla news client into a very usable and functional state.

> Adam Lassek <hayai2 at home.com> wrote:

[1] Though I don't think I'm really biased, having used multiple cable
modem and DSL providers, and a strong understanding of them, I should
point out that I used to do the computer side of cable modem
installations for USWest/Qwest.



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