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Christopher Cashell topher at zyp.org
Tue Dec 18 19:54:46 UTC 2001

On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 11:12:56AM -0600, Craig Wolf wrote:
> BTW.  Is anyone going to the LinuxWorldExpo at the end of January?  

LinuxWorld Expo in New York?

I doubt I can make it out there this year, although I did attend it last
year.  I had a good time, although I missed a couple of conference
sessions and a BOF session I'd wanted to attend.

It was really amusing watching the Golden Penguin Bowl, though.  They
had three seats that they left open for "audience" participation.  The
first seat they filled by asking if anyone had contributed any code to
the Linux kernel.  There was only one guy in the audience that raised
his hand.  Even though Nick Petreley wasn't able to find someone who
would vouch for the fact that he really had contributed code to the
Linux kernel, Linus was brought up on stage to compete.

The real highlight, though, was when the Nerds team (of which Linus was
a member) was asked to define "BogoMIPS".  Linus, having coined the
term himself, defined it as "A meaningless benchmark measurement".
Unfortunately, the answer that Nick had on his card was, "The number of
million times a second a processor can do absolutely nothing".

At this point, the decision of whether Linus's answer was correct went
to the "judges", Rob Malda (slashdot) and Don Marti (LinuxJournal).  You
can't imagine the look on Linus's face when they gave his answer the
thumbs down, and ruled that his definition for the term he created was
wrong. ;-)

Anyone is interested in seeing or hearing the Golden Penguin Bowl
from last year, you can find streaming audio and/or video at DDJ's
TechNetcast: http://technetcast.ddj.com/tnc_play_stream.html?stream_id=501 

If anyone does go, ask the IBM guys if they're doing another party.  I
was working for IBM during the last LWE, and got in on a huge party they
threw after the Expo closed for the day, Saturday.  They managed to
take over a huge section of the Javits Center and offered free food,
drinks, and an opportunity to see Battle Bots, live.

They were letting in anyone who got a wristband from an IBM booth, and
there were a /lot/ of people there.  Good time. ;-)

> Craig Wolf



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