[olug] curious

Brian Roberson roberson at bstc.net
Tue Dec 18 05:42:19 UTC 2001

> What sort of hardware upgrades do you think it'll take for it to keep up
> with us?  :)

well, by the traffic Ive seen, not alot ;-) only 5 accounts so far...
I was not really looking for hardware, as a I have a pIII 800 / 384M 20Gb
IDE box just sitting here. I guess I could get the user accounts started on
it... ( on the cable modem that is ) and then move it to a higher bandwidth
location later.... with that said, If you are interested, send me your
prefered login ( remember this will be your @olug.org account ) and a ssh
public key  ( or password if you live in the dark ages ) and I will send
back info on how to get to it ;-)


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