[olug] curious

Daniel Pfile daniel at pfile.net
Tue Dec 18 05:19:43 UTC 2001

> I unfortunatly don't have any real hardware to donate to the effort.

I take that back, I may be able to get a box. The shell I mentioned I 
normally use and will probobly go away soon is because we abandoned the 
computer at the location we were hosting it. (Very long story) I could 
probobly arange to pull the computer out of where it's at and get it 
shipped to omaha.

it's got a 15 gig disk and a 350 k6-2 i think, here's dmesg snip for yah:

Detected 345791 kHz processor.
Calibrating delay loop... 689.77 BogoMIPS
Memory: 128052k/131072k available (1000k kernel code, 416k reserved, 1540k 
data, 64k init)

Not a great machine by todays standards, but it's been upgraded from parts 
and pieces we bartered and traded for since about 1997. So all things 
considered, it's pretty good in my eyes. It's kind of fallen into neglect 
lately (still fully updated and secured tho), but I figure you'd want to 
wipe it anyway.

If anybody's interested, let me know.

-- Daniel


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