[olug] Sun Hardware Needs a New home

Jesse Regier jregier at home.com
Mon Dec 17 16:44:37 UTC 2001

I have some sun hardware taking up space that needs a good home.  
It's free but you must pick it up.  Email me to arrange 
time/location.  If for some reason there is a high demand, I will 
take bids.  Proceeds to go the the OLUG domain name registration 
fund.  (Do we have one of those??)  I need to get rid of this stuff 
by the end of the week and the dumpster is an option, but I would 
rather see someone make use of it.



SPARCstation LX  Model 447  
Sun Keyboard
Sun Mouse
Hardware Owner's Guide
Keyboard/Mouse product notes/Ergonomics Guide (what would you do with 
out those?)

It powers up.  I did try to install Redhat5.2/sparc at one time, but 
got kernel panics.  I think they related to the scsi controller but I 
don't know for sure.  It had been running Redhat5.2 at one time.

Sun 19" mono monitor Model GDM-1962  works
Sun 19" color?? monitor Model M20P-110  I've never turned it on I 
presume it works.
External CDRom in an Apple enclosure (ok,it's not Sun but it did 
External SCSI hard drive Enclosure with Micropolis Model # 4341NS
Sun External Scsi enclosure status unknown.
Various Scsi and Video Cables.

Redhat 5.2/Sparc
Solaris 7 media - License status Uknown
UnixWare 7.0.1 Promotional Edition Media

Jesse Regier              
Computer Systems, Inc.  
(402) 330-3600     


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